Gita manek is a prolific writer of Gujarati, but to limit her work to one language or one genre is not possible. She has been published in 3 languages in a career spanning almost 3 decades as a journalist, writer, website content manager and producer. She has also been involved in organizing cultural events, introducing the next generation to our great traditions. Anyone can excel in their field with hard work but it is rare for someone to excel in diverse fields. Her career began with journalism. Her work ethic and attention to detail were admired by all. Her next experience was with UTV, where she managed the content for a bilingual website She then pursued her passion, creative writing. Her first book was Priya Shishu , a translation in 2002. Her first original work Chardham Yatra was based on her travel to Uttarakhand. Chardham Yatra has seen immense success with the book in its 4th edition. This book was followed by Tamara Vina (without you) in 2006. Her next work Mom, I have a date